• Great Designs Everyone in the Contest

    Winners Will be Awarded:
    1st Place 5000 Points
    2nd Place 3000 Points
    3rd Place 2000 Points

    How Do we get Accurate Vote Counts? We Get asked?

    The Members VOTE the Best Designs in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each class and send their votes to the design contest page. Then they are individually counted by 3 design team members Manually for Accuracy. This can take several hours + of counting. it really takes time! Then we compare our votes for overall Accuracy and Confirm are Counts to be accurate before posting the Winners!

    CuppyCakeSprinkles has joined the Design team as a Promoter to Help get more to join in on the Fun! Remember You can also Enter Yourself in the Contest anytime!

    The team members do not enter the main contest but do enjoy designing and will only compete against each other for
    the fun of it.

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