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  • Legkevesebb tizenhat ember, köztük egy rendőr vesztette életét és mintegy hatvanan sebesültek meg az egyiptomi forradalom negyedik évfordulója körüli megmozdulásokon vasárnap, írja az MTI az egyiptomi egészségügyi minisztérium nyomén. Egy Kairóban lelőtt nő haláláról több fénykép is felkerült az internetre.


    Rettentően szomorú, hogy ennyire elfajultak a dolgok ott!


    Horrifying pictures have emerged of a female protester shot dead by police at a march in downtown Cairo, a tragedy that threatens to rekindle widespread violence as Egypt marks the fourth anniversary of the 2011 uprising. The leftist Popular Alliance party said that police shot its member Shaimaa el-Sabagh with birdshot Saturday evening as the group peacefully marched toward Tahrir Square to lay a commemorative wreath of roses. Videos posted online show el-Sabagh, the mother of a five-year-old and a member of the leftist Popular Alliance party, with other protesters carrying placards and chanting "bread, freedom and social justice" — the chief slogan of the 2011 uprising. She and others had carried flowers they intended to place at nearby Tahrir Square, the birthplace of the uprising, in memory of the fallen protesters.

  • Hi John, Thanks for all your great help. I simply couldn't have done it without you!! I'm sorry if I disturbed the deserved  relaxation! Please to continue it! Have a cozy afternoon, my sweet friend. Love and Hugs,Nicky


  • Hi dear, Good morning to you my sweet friend
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