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    Dove so deep into endless bliss, oceans filled swept out to sea. Nectar sweet emanates, blossoms bloom, perfume rose scents of a sensuous breath the scent of Yours.  Flowers a natural enlightenment, with unfolding peddles and the opening of heart. Precedes the fruit, whose juice ultimately yields of course of wine. Wind blows indigo shadows under sheets of warmth, crowding the moon and bearing down on the limbs of the blue sphere of her eyes. Whispers that listen and draw course, enticing, mesmerizing these swirls vibration heat, resulting in
    awaited arms, unmistakably, deep and pure. Delicate and lasting ever more, the taste of aroma endeared. It's the fragrance of passion, remembrance and all. Living memory of a yearning fulfilled, sufficing my thirst, inhale as she passes by, and her fragrance drowns me out.
    Mere ubiquitous fragrance of her fresh perfume. Bask in the lingering smell of this bella, the scent of a woman yield. 
     photo 6678f007_zpsbkibcypu.jpg

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    I wish you to have a nice day – because your good day will also influence others to have a nice day! Love ~ XoXoX ♡♥♡♥♡ Nicky

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