• A gift from Robberto
    Type: Private


    A Halloween witch specially designed effet cet volant à une belle particularité, c'est une fille comme toi, indeed, this creature flying a beautiful feature is a girl like you, dearest Jelly, crayons si tu l'aimes bien she is so beautiful...

  • To: LeFauconNoir
    Type: Private
    Message: Can you feel the hug that's here? It's sealed with a kiss and it's supposed to put love in the air! Happy Halloween, my sweet Midi. Jelly


  • To: Robberto
    Type: Private
    Message: Halloween can be full of surprises, I present a real horror story to you on Halloween.. You Frankenstein and I Frankenstein’s Wife that’s us.. Is this pretty scary? :-) Happy Halloween, my sweet Robert ~ Jelly


  • halloween_a307
     Le diable est arrivé pour la fête d'halloween the female devil came to the Halloween party, lovely Jelly, il est très reconnaissable avec ses deux cornes sur la tête, son trident et ses deux ailes diaboliques dans le dos it is very recognizable with its two horns on her head, her trident and demonic wings in the back il a l'air sympathique au premier regard mais il ne faut pas se laisser charmer, il est vraiment très méchant it looks nice at first glance but do not be charmed, it's really bad but so good ...


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