• Life is precious, so hold it tightly, life is the greatest gift, so don’t take it lightly.

    Learn to love and forgive, life is there to learn how to live. My Lovely Friend,

    Wishing you a happy and joyful Tuesday.....Much Love, Hugs and Smiles...Rosine ♥♥

  • My dear friend, I've seen my own pictures on some pages. My page is not a self-service shop... I create my own pictures with great care and tiredness. If you tell me what you want to get from me, I can give my pictures to you. Thank you! Rosine

  • Today (26th November, 2018) is...Cake Day...

    ~ Happy Cake Day For U, My Darling Friend ~

    Have your cake and eat it too on one of the greatest holidays ever invented.

    Enjoy your meal! :)

    ~ Have A Sweetest New Week Ahead ~

    Love, Smiles and Hugs... Nicky ;) <3<3

  • Hi ! I don't care your comment... Respect my decision !!!!!!!!! Was understandable?

  • Life is like a magician’s hat or a trick,
    You can never know what will happen but you can have a peak,
    You are here to enjoy the show, and glitter in the air,
    Hoping that the magic will always be there.
    To my Gorgeous Friend ...
    Have an Enchanting Sunday...With Love ~ Rosine

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