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  • With that horloge I started learning!

    Horloge à construire html5

    Par Phildes


    Téléchargement (clic droit "copier le lien" il se colle directement dans la fenêtre du lutin) :

    Horloge à construire html5

    Vous retrouverez ce gadget sous la vignette Temps

    Vignette Temps

    Vous disposez d'un tuto video ICI

    I wish you much success!


    My advice! Study the descriptions! And try, a lot and a lot.
    It is worth learning only from the descriptions!

    With that horloge I started learning!

  • Alright!

    Here is a very useful description, lesson!


    The description applies to the following page!

    This site is free for two weeks! HTML5 Code Here!


    Use the wvanim program!!

    That's very time-consuming and meticulous work, this is my impression. There would be need for the thorough knowledge of the software, I'm far from it, it's not easy.
    I'm still a beginner, I have little knowledge and insight into the program. There are many unanswered questions in me and I can still do simple html5 images. :)

    Studying descriptions is expedient!

    I'm sorry, I don't have more time!

    Hugs. :)

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