• Hi John!

    I have another discovery.

    Where the page is open, it is not blocked
    Where the page is closed, the name is blocked and false

    Maybe this is the difference between pages,  and in the url
    When I open my page, it no longer looks like it's blocked

    So all pages are the same, no discrimination

    But I don't understand why it's false when closed.

    Have a nice day.


    I will be unable to understand it without help.

    Hello dear John!
    I did a little research..  I have found many false Boomer users, I also found many non-false users. My question, what is the reason and why is this happening? My Boomer URL shows that my page, my name is false.. So, my page is under a false name too.. 
    I showed my page to a family member, he asked me what I'm looking for in such a place?
    The url text speaks for itself.


    I can't understand this without someone helping.
    I will be unable to understand it without help.

    Why is this my option? Why is this my url?

    Thank you!


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