• It looks beautiful on the wall of my room, really awesome poster. I believe I didn't diminish the merits of the picture. Thank you! Ian Somerhaldernek

  • Are we facing emotional idiocy? Checking out these impulses may help somebody. Or, my mirror, my mirror, tell me .. ;)

  • Hey, What are you talking about ? I talked about the fashion. You don't have to rebel here !!! Do you have an inferiority complex ? I have a suggestion.. You can only handle it if you admit it. ;) Instagram 20200131

    Hé, miről beszélsz? A divatról beszéltem. Nem kell itt lázadnod !!! Kisebbrendűségi komplexusod van? Van egy javaslatom. Csak akkor tudja kezelni, ha beismeri. ;)

    inferiority complex - kisebbrendűségi komplexus


  • May your heart be happy & your day be splendid & bright ... With Love..Rosine

    I am wishing you a day which is as bright as your eyes and everyone around you to be as generous as your heart. Sending warm hugs..Rosine

  • Thank you for the helpful information! I hope everyone benefits from it!

  • Artistic photo of a special person... Happy Birthday Princess Kate!

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