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    Eva,my sweet darling!

    Last night
    İn my dreams
    I was walking around in the garden of my heart.
    There was many beautiful angels in the garden.
    You were among the angels too.
    You were smiling when you were looking at the my eyes
    and you were more beautiful than all of the angels.
    (By Rain)

    To my sweet love Eva.
    I can t tell with a few words how much i love you,
    but i can write a love book about you.
    Because; you are love, you are lover
    and you are like a Love goddess in my heart.
    you came and entered into my heart silently,
    but you won t be able to run away suddenly.
    Because i locked my heart,
    so you will stay there forever my baby.
    (Written by Rain)


    Eva you are so beautiful.
    I love you so much.
    I want you so much.
    I desire you so much.
    I miss you so much.
    Like the name of love.
    Like the taste of your kiss.
    Like the soul of my soul
    I love you so much.
    I opened my arms,
    i wait for you.
    Come my beautiful angel
    as soon as possible!
    Don't make wait me,
    If a kiss proving of love,
    right now "KISS ME" .
    (Written by Rain)


    To my sweet darling Eva;

    Close your eyes !
    Let nobody never see
    Look at my eyes only,
    Let your eyes never give the hope to nobody
    Look at my eyes only
    Madden me..
    I loved you so much that, madly
    Like the poems who written by God
    Like the beauty of beautiful nature,
    Look at my eyes only
    Make me happy.
    Come on my baby!
    Kiss me..More kiss me!
    (By Rain for Eva)


    Is your name Love?

    How beautiful you are looking at me !
    You get my mind from my head..
    Just, the love can get my mind from me..
    Tell me please!
    Is your name Love?
    I see that
    Your face tells a love story,
    Your eyes read a love poem..
    Your lips sing a love song..
    Tell me please!
    Is your name Love?
    I am talking one by one
    with all of them,by my eyes,
    when I watch your beautiful picture;
    Your face says;
    “My name is Love”..
    Your eyes say;
    “Our names are Love”..
    Your smile says;
    “My name is Love”..
    Your lips say;
    “Our names are Love”..
    Say me please!
    Is your name Love?
    You are so beautiful,charming
    And the graceful,but a little coy,
    I want to learn truly what your name is..
    Let me know, tell me please!
    Is your name LOVE ?
    (Written by Rain for Rain's wife Eva)


    You were in my dreams last night..
    And looked at my eyes,
    so beautiful,
    as you always do.

    We walked together to the seashore,
    hand in hand,
    and lied down to the warm sand,
    as everyone did at the seashore.

    We were watching the flying pigeons and the gulls,
    and you said to me,
    Your beautiful green eyes lost in my eyes,
    When you were looking at me with longing,
    Our lips were impatient
    and they joined each other after a short time,
    We were kissing wildly..
    We continued making love,
    as i held to you closely,
    and i kissed your precious lips
    with longing desire to make love with you.
    I don t remember now how much time continued our love each other..
    I was still caressing your body,
    but when i woke up suddenly,
    you can t imagine what i saw,
    You weren t between of my arms.
    There was there,my pillow only.
    (By Rain-for Eva)


    If I could take you in my arms
    If I could only hold you
    If I could gaze into your eyes
    Perhaps then you'd realise
    Just how much I care

    If I could touch your cheek softly
    If I could only stroke your hair
    If I could your lips only kiss
    Perhaps then you'd know its you I miss
    Just how much I adore you

    If I could lie beside you
    If I could be so entwined
    If I had just one night to stay
    Perhaps you'd have never have gone away
    Just know how much I still love you


    I felt the heat of the Sun in your wet and pink lips;My lips burned between your lips when i kissed you.
    I saw the blue waters of the sea in your beautiful blue eyes; my glance melted in the depths of your eyes..
    I imagined the beauties of the wheat fields on your blonde hair and the yellow colour of ears of grain, when your blonde hair danced with the wind..
    First, I envied the wind..Then I got your head and put on my chest, I caressed your beautiful blonde hair with longing.
    And then; I kissed from your wet and warm lips wildly and I found in you the flavour of love in my dreams..
    (Written by Rain)





  • Rain verse


    Missing You
    i really miss you
    feels like missing something
    don’t know what to do
    don’t know what to think
    just know 1 thing
    its all ’about u….

    i open my file
    i read all my poems there
    feels like lighting in my blood
    when i read your name there
    all over of the lines…
    tears come n keep falling
    but it cant erased what i feel

    i write this with tears n smile
    coz i cant stop thinking ’about u
    tears for feeling miss u so much
    smile for wishing u all the best there

    i hope u r here now beside me
    holding hand n laying

    your head on my shoulder
    talking ’bout us n show u how much i love u
    but i am sure u will know it anyway…







    Don't look for me in me...

    Sep 16, '11 12:52 AM
    for ♥ Rain♫'s friends

    Don’t look for me in me;
    (Beni bende arama;)
    ask yourself about me..
    (sen kendine sor beni..)
    If i am not in you;
    (Eğer sende değilsem;)
    neither look for me, nor ask me..
    (ne ara ne de sor beni..)
    Why Couldn’t your heart learn to be loved and love yet ?..
    (Niçin hala öğrenemedi kalbin sevilmeyi,sevmeyi ?.)
    Don’t look for me in me; ask yourself about me..
    (Beni bende arama; sen kendine sor beni..)



  • Rain vers

    My dear Evi,

    Kiss me with passion or tender care kiss me with promises that you'll always be there Kiss me with love or to make my heart dance kiss me with promises always full of romance Kiss me so gently or with heart-stopping might kiss me with promises that will last through the night Kiss me for hours or until our stop sign kiss me with promises that you'll always be mine Kiss me wrapped up and safe by your side kiss me with promises that we'll never hide Kiss me so deeply or in a warm embrace kiss me with promises that'll make my heart race Kiss me so rough or light and mild kiss me with promises that'll make me go wild Kiss me, very calm or to let your love show but kiss me with promises that you'll never let go!

    by Rain



  • Rain küldte2012/06/10


    Don't look for the love in another one

    the love is just for you in my heart

    we will be happy forever

    If you add your love to me


    You are a beautiful flower

    I am an alone butterfly

    open all of leafs to me

    I want to smell you


    I loved you yesterday so much

    I love you today more than yesterday

    Even if you don't love me someday

    I will love you again


    My love is not a dream

    dreams can not be real sometime

    I love the real love

    It is you.Eva.


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