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  • 2012 05 09

    Rain verse

    What is the love according to you?

    Did you ever loved anyone? Why did you leave him? Is the love a game to you ? Can you stop the sun rise ? Can you live without water,air and food? If you can live Don't love me..Never love me. You think to forget me but just you think.. you can not forget even if you want because you love me still and you will love as much as I love you When the rain drops fall on your hair the rain drops your lips when wetted you will remember me as I will be remembering you Don't make to cry our love that time. Don't think our love will end No It will never end, because "ourloveforever" yes, "our love forever" You know this too.

  • A little part from my novel...

    The young and beatiful woman asked to the young man:
    -Do you have lots of women in your life?..
    -Yes,but they are only my friend...Said the young man and continued to talk:
    -Because i am not interested in only about women's bodies. If i want to make love ,i can make love with a lot of women where i live in this city. So just share your soul,feelings and tenderness with me and be honest! These are enough for me...
    The young woman never said before...She only looked at to the eyes of the young man and then she talked with whisper:
    -Yes i understand you...She said.
    Then she indicated by her hand to her heart:
    -Here! It is here and it is ready to share everything with you..Are you ready?And she continued her talking:
    -When you feel like crying....call me. ! .I don't promise that I will make you laugh, but I can cry with you...If one day you want to run away dont be afraid to call me. I don't promise to ask you to stop,but I can run with you.
    If one day you dont want to listen to anyone..... Call me.
    I promise to be there for you but also promise to remain quiet. But one day if you call,and there is no answer..... come fast to see me.. Perhaps I need you..

    (By Rain)


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  • If i could take you in my arms.. Sep 16, '11 12:58 AM for ♥ Rain♫'s friends



    If I could take you in my arms If I could only hold you If I could gaze into your eyes Perhaps then you'd realise Just how much I care If I could touch your cheek softly If I could only stroke your hair If I could your lips only kiss Perhaps then you'd know its you I miss Just how much I adore you If I could lie beside you If I could be so entwined If I had just one night to stay Perhaps you'd have never have gone away Just know how much I still love you. R... Your Name I wrote your name in the sky, but the wind blew it away. I wrote your name in the sand, but the waves washed it away. I wrote your name in my heart, and forever it will stay.

  • No My dear..I don't want to compose any song today...


    Yes.. today was my "song day",but i do not want to compose any song today!

    I am sorry my beautiful piano..I won't be able to play you for a few days ! I won't be able to begin caressing your delicate keys and i won't be able to compose a new song for a beautiful woman who has been living away from me...

    She is my girlfriend..

    She sent a beautiful poem to me today.

    "Hello Rain, Good Morning my Friend,

    I brought you something nice ...

    I love your sweet temptations and sensual desires
    I love your body on mine, fueling our heart’s fire,
    I love holding you darling, and your tender touch
    I love your soft lips caressing mine so very much...

    I love feeling your heart, beating across the miles
    I love admiring the beauty in your precious smile,
    I love being with you throughout all four seasons
    I love you deeply my darling for so many reasons...

    I love the inspiration of your beauty when I write
    I love cuddling with you on a cold winter’s night,
    I love how beautiful you are my darling, to adore
    I love each day when I fall in love with you more...

    I love knowing darling, you’re truly forever mine
    I love your warm soul, with our heart’s entwined,
    I love how two heart’s lead us to our true destiny
    I love you truly my darling, forever and endlessly...

    -YOU CAN NOT IMAGINE HOW HAPPY I WAS WHEN I READ THIS POEM,but she wrote these words in end of the poem.

    "Of course this does not apply to us !!

    I'm not your girlfriend, and I'm not your lover !!

    Just I like this poem and thought I share with you .."

    So,I am not well today..
    I would like to talk with you my dear piano openly.

    I would like to share with you my all feelings sadly...

    I want to describe "TO LOVE and TO BE LOVED"words,again.


    Yes my dear piano.

    According to me:

    The LOVE must be described again...

    If "TO LOVE and TO BE LOVED"are only to make sex,if animal behaviours take captive the humanist feelings and thoughts...There is a mistake in this description..


    yes my beautiful piano! TO LOVE and TO BE LOVED must be described again..Mustn't it my piano? Thank you...so much thank you for your listening me with patience...I want to cry my piano;to cry...Do you remember my piano?We had composed a song and we had cried together when we composed that song...The notes and your keys had got wet with my tears..But....Do you know?That song is being plaied on Tvs and radios...Are you pleased and happy now my real friend piano...You must know that my true friend piano;i love you so much..

    Yes my dear piano: “ Love is like a piano, first you must learn about rules, then you must forget about it and play it by your heart “.



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