• reggaeman2

    reggaeman2 wrote on Jun 22

    Hello my dearest friend Nicky - I hope that you will have a wonderful weekend with lots of nice things happening with frinds and family.

    Peace and love
    Reggaeman xxx


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  • reggaeman2

    reggaeman2 wrote on Jul 8

    Hello my dearest friend - Nicky

    I am so very sorry I have not been able to visit as often as I

    would have liked. Well I was not too good for a few weeks with

    my left arm hurting. I am almost better now and I can feel that

    it is improving all the time. It has not stopped me doing lots of

    things physically but it did restrict my typing etc.. I try not to

    be at my pc too often now even though I was able to see all the

    nice messages you have sent me for my birthday and other

    I have has a wonderful time for my birthday - my daughter

    came home to visit me on Saturday and took me out for lunch.

    My other daughter also came earlier with my Grand daughter

    and my Son In Law. In the afternoon my wife also took me out,

    so you can see I was well looked after. I felt as though I was

    truly spoiled.
    The weekend before I went to a party in Stains near London

    where my Nice was having a birthday party and we stayed

    with some of the family some 8 of us in a Hotel. It was a

    fantastic weekend. Most of the family from all over was there so

    it was such a reunion once again on a happy occasion.
    I have been very busy in the week, with Fathers day, my Squash

    Coaching, Racketball practices, cutting up woods for my wood

    burner and at the moment making a partition fence at the front.

    Well these are not big jobs but because of all the rain we have

    had, it makes it very difficult to work out side. This weekend the

    Olympic torch came to my town and this morning we went out

    to see the torch bearers run along with and give our support -

    even though it was raining we did not seem to mind. We had

    about 10, 000 people flock the streets to see the procession.
    Perhaps too because of the Tennis championships as well I have

    not been too keen to do those outside jobs.

    Well I am hoping that this will change soon before I go away on

    holidays in August for a few days and in September again. One

    thing I can say is that I am very happy and in good health now

    and I just love Summer time.
    Feel free to let me know how you are because I would sincerely

    like to know that is if you want to let me in your life. Of course

    that is your prerogative lol.

    At the moment that is all I have time for but before I depart let

    me reassure you that I missed you very much and I am very

    grateful to be your friend.

    Peace and love
    Reggaeman xxx


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  • reggaeman2

    reggaeman2 wrote on Jul 10

    Hi Nicky - thank you for your lovely messages - they are very uplifting.

    I send you a flower from my garden to yours with heartfelt wishes.

    Peace and love
    Reggaeman xxx


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  • filledloveand wrote on Jul 18
    Thank you, my sweet friend, Byron !
    Very valuable the beautiful rose from your garden !! Thanks again !

    reggaeman2 wrote on Jul 18

    Beautiful background and I love the verse on the top of your page how true.

    Peace and love
    Reggaeman xxx


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  • reggaeman2

    reggaeman2 wrote on Jul 19

    Good evening my dear friend Nicky

    Very nice background - really well put together theme.

    Peace and love
    Reggaeman xxx


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  • reggaeman2 wrote on Jul 20
    HI Nicky
    The Rose is from my garden but the bunches in the vase are ones I buy for my wife every Friday. I don't pick the ones I grow in my garden. It is only a small front garden but I treasure my roses. The much rain that we have had did not do them much good and they went very quickly in the rain.
    Have a very good night, sleep well and stay the lovely person you are.
    Peace and love
    Reggaeman xxx

    reggaeman2 wrote on Jul 20


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