29 |30 Jan. 2019

    The 24 countries qualified for the finale of the Bocuse d'Or 2019 are


    Every two years, the heart of the Sirha trade exhibition beats to the beat of the final of the prestigious Bocuse d’Or contest. After many months of preparations, twenty four of the most promising chefs in the world will experience two days of intense competition during which they will have to give their very best in order to try and win the most beautiful trophy in the world of gastronomy.


    Before taking part in the final the participants had first to earn their qualification via continental selection events (Bocuse d’Or Europe, Bocuse d’Or Asia Pacific and Bocuse d’Or Latin America, and for the first time Bocuse d'Or Africa), individual qualifications or by being attributed one of the wildcards. This final test will reveal to the world the best talents in culinary arts from all over the planet.


    Love is like a bouquet of flowers,
    So many different hues,
    Lovely and soft,
    Each petal brand new.


    They must be treated delicately,
    For the stems will break,
    These are needed to be strong,
    Or any strife they can't take.


    Each day opening up a little more,
    With the warmth of the sun,
    This is how a true love,
    Will have begun.


    In time the fields are full,
    Overflowing with beautiful flowers,
    Softly flowing back and forth,
    Gentle summer showers.

  • Close to Our Hearts


    As we walk our path of life,

    we meet people every day.

    Most are simply met by chance,

    but some are sent our way.


     These become the special friends

    whose bond we can't explain -

    the ones who understand us

    and share our joy and pain.


    their love contains no boundaries,

    so even when apart,

    their presence still embraces us

    with a warmth felt in the heart.


    this love becomes a passageway

    where even miles disappear.

    And so these friends life sends our way

    remain forever near.


    ..Friends Forever..

  • Hi dear there ... ♥♥

    Winters are never cold if you have warm memories of someone special.

    Sweet Lovely Friend ... Have a happy week ahead ! Much Love ÷÷ Nicky



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