• Wishing you fabulous new month,
    May each day of coming month bring
    many reasons of celebrations for you.
    Happy New Month





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  • Good Night

    Lights are turned off,
    Everywhere around,
    Whole city is snoring,
    In a deep dark wink,
    Take your tiny eyes,
    Towards you bed,
    It's time to greet me,
    With a goodnight text! :)


    Nicky...very nice...
    *great big smile*...
    Very, very nice...
    I like your site a lot...
    *big warm smile*...___
    Uncle Leo



    TO: Uncle Leo
    9/20/2012 18:25:09


    Dear Uncle Leo..Thank you very much :)
    If you enjoyed yourself here, please come often..
    Hugs & Smiles Nicky

  • May you wake up to the sweet sound of the chirping birds,
    May the morning sweet and fresh breeze hit your ears.
    May you have someone you love, serve you morning tea.
    May dreams come true,
    and may nightmares stay under the bed sheet underneath!
    Hugs & Smiles

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