• Aren't you my girlfriend and darling


    If you are not  I want to know


    Ok. I will delete your name from that poem.



    Now read This poem.


    Maybe you understand something


    Have good night my FRIEND EVI.





    This poem was written by me for my dear girlfriend Evi..

    Sep 13, '11 1:30 PM



    Is your name LOVE ?

    How beautiful you are looking at me !

    You get my mind from my head..

    Just, the love can get my mind from me..

    Tell me please!

    Is your name Love?


    I see that

    Your face tells a love story,

    Your eyes read a love poem..

    Your lips sing a love song..

    Tell me please!

    Is your name Love?


    I am talking one by one 

    with all of them,by my eyes, 

    when I watch your beautiful picture;

    Your face says; 

    “My name is Love”..

    Your eyes say;

    “Our names are Love”..

    Your smile says;

    “My name is Love”..

    Your lips say;

    “Our names are Love”..

    Say me please!

    Is your name Love?


    You are so beautiful,charming

    And the graceful,but a little coy,

    I want to learn truly what your name is..

    Let me know, tell me please!

    Is your name LOVE ?

    (Written by Rain)



     My name is love

    I don’t know how is a feeling this,

    Spurted out from soil like a seed as if,

    Becomed green in my heart’s garden suddenly.

    And bloomed thousands of coloured flowers on it’s branchs...

    I asked it’s name firstly.


    Stoped talking, never said nothing.

    Looked at to my eyes only,

    reproachly and reproachly

    And then asked to me:

    “Did not you know me really?

    Well done to you!

    How can you forget your first love?”


    Came by running and got my arms,

    When she wipes her tears,

    Whispered to my ear with her lustful voice,

    Like she does formerly:

    “Don’t forget one more please!

              My name is ‘LOVE’”said silently.


    I feel without water myself.............

    Sep 11, '11 9:38 AM
    for mountaineer's friends

    I feel and think of you when I write every poem, 

    I feel and think of you when I compose every song. 

    I feel you with me always when I write all of my poems and songs.. 

    You are like a ocean in my around,

    as for me,

    I am a tiny island in this ocean. 

    Your waves caress my shores for years, 

    but I feel without water myself, 

    despite I have been living in the waters of ocean 


    I am here without you. 

    (By Rain.) 



    You are as heavy as the ground pulls you


    As light as your wings flutter


    You are as alive as your heart beats


    As young as your eyes see distance


    You are as good as the people you love


    As bad as the people you hate


    Whatever the color of your eyebrows and your eyes are


    Your color is what the one facing you sees


    Don't think that what you lived is what you gained


    You are as close to the end as you lived


    However long you live,


    Your life is as long as you love


    You are as happy as you can smile


    Don't be sad,know that you will smile as much as you cry


    Don't think that everything is over,


    You will be loved as much as you love.


    The value nature gives you is in the rise of the sun


    And you are as human as the value you give to the one facing you


    If you will lie one day


    Let the one you address believe you as much as the trust for you.


    The longing for the loved one is in the moon light


    And you are as close to your love as you long for


    Don't forget, you are as wet as it rains


    As warm as the sun warms you.


    You are as alone as you feel alone


    And as strong as you feel strong.


    You are as beautiful as you feel beautiful


    This is life!


    This is living, you live as much as you remember this


    When you forget this, you feel as cold as every breath you take


    And you are forgotten as soon as you forget


    A flower is as beautiful as it is watered


    Birds are as sweet as they chitter


    A baby is as baby as it cries


    And you know everything as much as you learn, learn this as well,


    You are loved as much as you love!



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