• A gift from Tommy_39
    Type: Private


    My darling Rosine. No worries. I am very happy and that you like my photos. I wish you a wonderful week. Lots of warmth and love. I kiss your heart.❤️.

  • Hey, You will never have fun with me on your page again.
    Your favorite pastime was that you always degraded me.
    I was the big nobody among your friends.
    I don't understand what you want from me.
    I don’t want more bad memories than what I got from you in the past.
    I hate the time I wasted being with you.
    You are a dissatisfied and unfaithful person.
    I don’t love you anymore, in fact, you were the biggest disappointment of my life.
    You kept playing chess with my profile picture.
    You pushed me backwards.
    You caused me a lot of sadness.
    Have fun with someone else, get off me.
    It was a nightmare for me.
    Save me from this in the future.

  • Real hard times with the illustrious company. :) This is a gift you will never get tired of. 

  • Love is a sweet feeling. It changes you from inside, even from outside. You start loving everything, wind, flowers, day, night, moon, stars. So be in love forever. ♥..♥

  • My sweet Friend, Dave! Sending positive thoughts and healthy vibes your way! May God grace you with good health and fast recovery! The sickness that you have is not even half as strong as you are. I believe you will make a full recovery in no time. Take care of yourself! With Love, Rosine

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