• Harry, I will delete you permanently
    I don't deal with personal messages
    You do not understand ?
    Please don't annoy me!

  • .another giant shame???????!!!!!!!! Dreamies ?!?!?! Oh my God !!
    I made it for myself.. It’s not a nice thing to appropriate another’s job. Someone copied from my Boomer page, it's 100%. I wouldn't do that to anyone. Use it with health. Regards, Nicky

  • Someone stole my gif leaf texture wallpaper !! This is a great shame !!

    I made it for myself.. Have you heard of prohibited copying? That's a moral issue and a disgusting thing to steal someone else’s job !! I wouldn't do that to anyone. It’s unfortunate that this is trendy here on the Boomer page. It is full of unscrupulous people. Regards, Nicky

  • from Ms_Pennsylvania
    Type: Public


    HAPPY AUTUMN MY DEAR FRIEND! May your Autumn be filled with BLESSINGS, HAPPINESS & JOY! Sending Warm Hugs & Chilly Smiles:))) to You. GOD BLESS. Judy

  • Se non ti perdi, non trovi strade nuove.. Fabio Volo

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